Our Doctor group meetings are aimed to Engage, Deliberate, Document and Disseminate key clinically relevant insights & trends in Healthcare.

Scientimed Solutions provides extended support for conducting top-notch advisory board meetings and knowledge initiatives for gaining valuable insights and opinions. Our team of skilled professionals at Scientimed has extensive experience and outcome-oriented capabilities in conducting, organizing, and driving forward these meetings. Scientimed holds a strong and effective liaison with a reputable group of regional, national and international key opinion leaders (KoLs) in healthcare.

The aim of conducting such meetings is to gain valuable clinical insights from leading healthcare professionals based on sound evidence and their extensive experience. These insights further help in enhancing clinical outcomes and providing high-quality patient care. Also, such meetings give rise to valuable documents like manuscripts, clinical practice guidelines and consensus documents which in turn contribute largely to improving various aspects of healthcare as a whole.

Our Doctor group meetings involve end to end planning, coordination, execution and documentation of these meetings. Some key doctor group meetings we have been supporting our customers are Advisory board meetings, Panel discussions, Debates, Consensus drive meetings, Hands on workshops, Symposia and Conferences. Apart from physical meetings, we also conduct online teleconferences involving renowned national and international speakers. We also take full care of all the collaterals involved before and after the meetings such as:

  • Invites, welcome brochures or emailers
  • Pre-read material
  • Post-meeting minutes of the meetings
  • The resulting manuscript, consensus document etc.

Bearing in mind the significance of doctor group meetings, we ensure that they are driven with zeal, complete planning, and convenient schedules for the doctors. Such meetings will enable you to broaden the limits of your focused brands or therapy areas by achieving clinically meaningful insights from experienced physicians.

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